Peachy Keen: Finding a bargain staple item.

 Welcome to my first post! I’m here to talk about all things thrifty, and with life necessities to pay for such as Netflix and rent, it’s hard to find any leftover dollar for fashion. I’ve been a student for over three years, and despite the monetary hardships, I’ve managed to keep up a pretty great wardrobe. Witchcraft you say? No. Well, maybe a little bit, but the majority has come from knowing where to shop, selling apps and living the frugal life. And a part time waitressing job can help too obv.

peach pleat skirt

 These little outfit snaps were taken last week, after Phoebe English’s ‘Fashion in Motion’ exhibition. And boy, did I feel sassy strutting around the V&A in this number with the rest of the fashion crowd. The main attraction in this outfit is this peach pleated midi skirt, and I snapped it up for a bargain.


 One of my best kept secrets is that I own a lot of second hand items, and the shoes and skirt shown are no exception. This New Look skirt (£24.99) set me back £12 when I found it on selling app Depop. Having been worn once, it was in perfect condition and better than half price. Can I get an amen?!

 The shoes are H&M’s highly sought-after loafers, which sold out instantaneously last Summer having been compared to Gucci’s own. But I managed to snap up a pair a fortnight ago, having trawled eBay for months. They might not have been as frugal a find as the skirt, but I paid just over the original price (£19.99), and I’m in love. They’re currently my favourite shoes to rock this season, and they go with everything whilst simultaneously making me feel classy AF.


 Have you guys found any killer bargains that you wanna share with a fellow savvy sister? If so, let me know in the comments or tweet me (@charlottemariaj)

Skirt: New Look (Second Hand – Depop)

Shoes: H&M (eBay)

Beret: Topshop

Bomber: Zara (Old)

Jumper: Zara (Old)

Bag: Zara (Old)

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