The Best Copy Cat Shoes in Town

manola blahnik flat lay

What girl hasn’t dreamed of owning designer shoes? From Louboutin’s to Jimmy Choo’s, I can guarantee a pair have been high on most ladies lust list. Ever since SATC’s Big proposed to Carrie with Manolo Blahnik’s, I’ve been obsessing for some of my very own. I thought I was going to have to wait til my midlife crisis to afford a pair responsibly. But as it turns out, high street brand Marks and Spencer’s answered my shoe prayers when they unveiled these bad boys…

manolo blanik

 Part of their A/W 17 collection, these Manolo lookalikes were the fashion crowds best kept secret until now. I practically swooned when I first clocked a pair on my Instafeed, and not much has changed since their arrival. For any sceptics out there, they’re just as gorgeous as their designer alternatives right down to their sparkly toes. Even the fashion elite gave a nod to the jewel-toned stilettos, as they featured in Vogue’s Marks & Spencers verdict.

marks and spencers manolo blahnik

 If you’re still feeling cynical about rocking a pair, then the change in price tag from £745 to £35 should persuade you. Blogger babes everywhere have given them the thumbs up, including one of my faves @thefashion_lift. Available in a range of colours, from Carrie’s cobalt, to black and navy ink, there’s plenty to choose from. Marks & Spencers have recently restocked most of their sizes, so snap them up whilst you can! This girl has bagged herself a pair in Magenta for her Christmas Day festivities. Which colour will you choose?

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