My Instagram Babe of 2017: An Interview with Vilde Bankerød Nilsen

 One of my favourite ways to spend an evening is to browse Instagram for some fabulous and frugal fashion inspo (with something fizzy ofc). Amongst a social media sea of style influencers, I’m giving a special shout out to my all time favourite ‘gram gal Vilde. Currently studying in London, this Norwegian can teach broke babes everywhere a thing or two about thrifty fashion. I sat down with the Scandinavian stunner to find out all about her style secrets.


Charlotte: Hi Vilde! How would you describe your style?

Vilde: That’s such a hard question. I really like trends such as Athleisure, and what I wear depends on the time of year. I’m influenced by my roots, and I like finding unique items back home in Lillehammer. I’d probably describe my style as Scandinavian minimalist with a London pop.

C: What are your staple items for this season?

V: Sweaters. Woollen sweaters. I love to cosy up in them with skirts, jeans or even a dress underneath. Oversized or tight fitting, they look great with everything and add classic grunge vibes to any outfit. I also love glasses. My favourite brand is Ace and Tate, which includes your prescription and is stylish and cheap. I’ve been investing in a lot of jewellery recently and I always get complimented on my earrings, whether they’re classic or statement.

C: Where do you shop?

 I love H&M and I’ll always find something I love, especially in the Norwegian branches. I shop at Primark too – it’s great for me as a student because it’s affordable but still fashionable. I always get compliments when I wear their clothes, and they’ve stepped up their game in recent years because their products are always on trend.


C: Do you ever shop in thrift stores in London?

 I never used to go to second hand stores because I’d rarely find any treasures. But in the past few months I’ve found so many amazing bargains. I like shopping around Brick Lane, as well as the vintage jumble sales in Central London. You pay a small fee for entry but the clothes are all amazing. I’ve got my Christmas dresses from there this year – some velvet ones that I’ll be dressing up with statement earrings and a belt.

C: How frugal is your wardrobe overall?

V: A lot of it is quite thrifty. Most of my clothes are either high street bargains or were found in the sales. But I think it’s important to have a few staple items that are more expensive. I love my Levi jeans and I wear them all the time, but they still look new. It’s worth investing in some quality pieces that will compliment your wardrobe throughout seasons.

C: What’s your favourite item that you own?

V: My vintage Chanel bag that I bought from a Japanese thrift store. I read online that Japan is great for second hand designer bags, so I dragged my poor boyfriend across Tokyo trying to find it. It’s a classic Chanel one, and something that I’ll probably pass on to my children. It’s my favourite item.


C: Who are your style influences?

 I get most of my inspiration from Scandinavian bloggers, such as @angelicablick, @annijor and @songofstyle – they are my style icons. Instagram is also a great place of inspiration for me. My feed is mainly fashion bloggers, and I use hashtags to find the best looks and accessories. I also frequent second hand apps like Depop and Vinted to find bargains that update my wardrobe.

C: What will I be seeing you wearing in Spring?

 Lace, floral dresses and statement earrings. I also have a serious love affair with jackets, so I’ll be wearing some of my vintage bomber jackets too.

C: Finally, can you give some style tips for all of the broke babes out there?

 Invest in a few staple items to dress up all your outfits, shop on the high street and always buy things with a perfect fit. If the fit isn’t perfect then you won’t wear it, no matter how much you love it. The same goes for heels, if you can’t walk in them then it’s a waste of money. Find something that fits well and is comfortable, because that’s when you’ll feel your most sexy and confident.


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