Gucci Floral: The Frugal Edit

 I first fell in love with Gucci’s floral aesthetic following the release of their Gucci Bloom campaign last August. As it turns out, the rest of the world wasn’t far behind me. From Emma Stone to Margot Robbie, ‘it’ girls galore have been rocking these bloom(ing) beautiful dresses for quite some time. High street brands including H&M were quickly inspired by the designers floral vision, releasing their own take of dresses for us mere mortals to enjoy. In particular, Spanish brand Zara have hit the nail on the head with their designs, and quite a few have ended up in my wardrobe. If you wanna rock the floral vibes this year, then check out some of Zara’s best which has now been put into the sale. Alessandro Michele, we salute you!

gucci 1

 Dress: £19.99 | Dress: £19.99

gucci 2.PNG

Dress: £29.99 | Dress: £19.99

gucci 3

Dress: £19.99 | Dress: £19.99

gucci 4

Dress: £19.99 | Dress: £19.99



Photo Credit: Unsplash

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